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VII. Lightroom

Lightroom Portrait Editing (part 2) – Adjustment Brush


You will learn how to use the adjustment brush for portraits in Adobe Lightroom CC


  1. Go to Develop Module
  2. On the right panel, in the toolbar, select the Adjustment Brush Tool (last tool to the right)
  3. Select “New” for a new adjustment brush.
  4. You have the option to choose a preset under “Effect:” or you can move the sliders around to create a custom brush effect of your own. Some great preset effects for adjustment brush are (brighten skin, soften skin, teeth whitening, dodge, and burn)
  5. Change the size and feathering of your brush
  6. Brush on the area you want to affect. If you want to erase the effect, just hold Alt/Option while brushing
  7. Again, be subtle with your edits. You can soften skin, enhance catchlight, dodge and burn, and brighten teeth using Lightroom Adjustment Brush.

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