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II. Borders

II. 10. Photo Collage


You will learn how to make a photo collage in Photoshop


  1. Go to File> New…
  2. Choose any document size. Example: Photo> Landscape 10×8
  3. Drag your images to the layout and aligned in a box/frame.
  4. Add a stroke around the images by selecting one of the images > Click “Fx” (bottom right corner) > Stroke…
  5. Choose stroke size. Then choose Position: Inside. Choose color: White.
  6. To apply the Layer effect to the rest of the images, right click on the layer that already has the layer style. Then, select: “Copy Layer Style”
  7. Select the rest of the image layers, right click > “Paste Layer Style”
  8. Once you’re done, use the crop tool to crop into the collage. Make sure you allow consistent spacing around the collage.

custom images bottom graphical bar