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VI. Finishing

VI. 9. Partial Cutout

Finishing 9

This is a great technique to know for magazine and page layout.


This partial cutout technique teaches you about how Photoshop layers work and provides a nice alternative to the full cutout.


  1. Use the rectangular marquee to select the part of the image you want to remove.
  2. Create a new layer (Shift Apple N) and fill it with white (Option Delete)
  3. Deselect  (Apple D) the marquee and hide the layer (eye icon to the left of layer)
  4. Switch to the image layer, and use the Quick Selection Tool to select the entire object you want to “cut out.”  See VI.8. Cutouts for more details for clean cutouts.
  5. Choose Select – Refine Edge to add a slight feather and contrast shadow.  (This mode will also allow you see any stray pixels that need to be cleaned up in the selection.)
  6. Once refined, copy this selection to a new layer (Apple J) then drag this layer to 7. Reveal the white filled layer (eye icon to the left of layer).




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