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VI. Finishing

VI. 8. Cutout


Use the Quick Selection Tool with Refine Edge to separate a subject from its background


  1. Choose the Quick Selection Tool (W)
  2. Use the bracket keys to adjust brush size so it is smaller than the area to select.
  3. Drag over the area to select and use smaller brush size for tricky areas.
  4. Hold Option to subtract areas from the selection.
  5. Go to Select – Refine Edge
  6. Choose “On White” or “Layer”
  7. Choose Refine Radius Tool under the brush icon.
  8. Paint over any difficult detail edges such as hair.
  9. Add contrast or other finishing effects by adjusting the sliders.
  10. At the bottom, choose Output: Layer Mask.
  11. Paint black or white paint on the mask to refine the edge further, as needed.

VIDEO TIPS: CLICK FULLSCREEN Icon in lower right corner of video to see details. CLICK SETTINGS (Gear Icon) and Choose HD 1080P  Quality

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